Here you can find a selection of tools and services that I personally find useful.

I’ll keep this page updated and add awesome new stuff as I find it and remove stuff that I think no longer serves you well.

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Money Saving

Cashback sites:

If you have Kids, KidStart is one of the few cashback sites that gives cashback from Amazon as well as a number of other popular retailers. You can earn 2% cashback for your Amazon purchases. If you couple that with using an Amazon credit card, you get a good effective discount from all Amazon purchases. The only catch with KidStart is that you need to nominate a child savings account to have the cashback paid into. This is a great and simple way to drip some moeny into your kids univeristy fund.

You can sign up with my link below and after you’ve made £5 cashback savings, you’ll get a £5 credit into your account (and so will my son 🙂 ):